(We Christian leaders) should know our neighbors’ names. We should shop at local stores and know where our food comes from. We should befriend the outsider and take the stranger into our homes. We should practice hospitality, generosity, neighborliness, and place-making. The Internet can be used to contribute to this end, but ultimately it cannot achieve this goal alone. That happens primarily ‘in the flesh.'”

Michael Frost

Michael Frost in "Christians, Engaged and Incarnate" (ChristianityToday.com/PARSE)

God doesn’t come along to make bad people good, but to make dead people alive. And that changes everything.

David Crowder

David Crowder (Relevant Magazine, September/October 2014, Issue 71), Page 40

Ghosts in My Office

Whenever I prepare sermons, I feel haunted by five Ghosts. None of them are real, but it seems that each one tries to affect the outcome of my preparations. Ghost Number 1 Ghost number one whispers, while hovering over my shoulder, “I represent the listener from a big, prosperous metropolitan church. We could be looking […]