Did You Know?

Compiled By Cheryl Fischetto

In light of some recent current events regarding the separation of church and state, I thought the following thoughts were interesting — In 1661, English Parliament passed a law, The Corporation Act, which declared that all men who held public office had to be members of the Church of England: everyone else – Catholics, Quakers, […]


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The Boomerang Effect

The boomerang is an ingenious device developed and used first by Australian natives as a hunting tool. The surfaces of the angular object are formed to create an air foil or wing. Air passes over the top surface more quickly than it does the bottom, providing lift. As it is thrown, lift and centrifugal force […]


The Death of Hope

I believe that many in our society are experiencing the death of hope. It seems that especially the younger members of our community find little in their futures to be excited about. Where are the hard-driving, moralistic heroes of our day? What new frontier for migration and personal enrichment is there? Many people feel that […]