5 Things Your Kids Need to Know About Smart Phones and Computers

I have always been amazed at the cluelessness and gullibility of otherwise intelligent people and their children who use online technology unwisely. I find that many people fall into 1 of 2 unprofitable mindsets when it comes to our Brave New Highly-Connected World: 1) Being overly fearful. They don’t understand just how much information is […]


How to Fight Your Spouse and WIN!

When Tammy and I first got married, very few people gave us great odds for having a long-term marriage. We are both first-born children accustomed to telling others what to do, we are both incredibly stubborn, and, as you might guess, we tend to see lots of things from different perspectives. Our first year of […]


Your teen doesn’t need another friend (they have plenty); they need a parent. Even through their teens, your child needs a dependable, confident, godly authority figure in their life. As parents we are called to provide a relational context characterized by wisdom, protection, love, support, and empowerment.

— Jeff Strong

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Love Your Kids Deeply But Love Their Mother More

I don’t know who originally said, “The best gift a father can give his kids is to love their mother” but I believe that they are spot on. I found this quote in a short February 2, 2009 post titled, “Children’s Greatest Fears” – Researchers at Johns Hopkins University reported that 30 years ago, the […]

Wedding Bands in Wheat Field

Are You Killing Your Own Sex Life?

When I was first married, my “adopted grandmother” Mimi once told me, “Sex is like glue and oil. It binds you together tightly, and helps you to glide more smoothly over the rough parts of life.” I have found her words to be true in my own life and marriage. For many new parents, the […]


You Can Be a Serious Parent Without Being Grim

For many, parenting seems to be a grim, deadly serious business. They view their responsibility as parents as being totally in control of every aspect of their children’s lives, so that their children will turn out exactly as they want them to. The desire to be successful at parenting can lead to the bi-polar choice […]


To experience God as Abba is to begin to know Him as Jesus knows Him. It represents a depth of intimacy that can only be had as a gift. You do not, and cannot, earn it. You will not, ever, deserve it. It is the priceless treasure that you can only have for free. And the Spirit of God is waiting, longing to give it to you.

Michael Card


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Our Children’s Education

We have some serious problems with public education in America.  Doing a Google search today for “problems with American education” gave me about 650,000,000 results in 0.35 seconds.  And, despite what different groups might want you to think, numerous challenges exist with charter, private and home-school options as well. One list of challenges facing education […]


An “Evil Eye?”

On my second trip to Greece as a Graduate Assistant, one of my many responsibilities was to drive one of the rental vans that we picked up at the airport in Athens. The one assigned to me was the oldest, the most beat-up and had an odd-looking “evil eye” medallion hanging from the rear view […]