“(A)ge has nothing to do with being a man. Age is merely a number—actions define who he really is. But here’s the problem—most women spend their time trying to change boys into men.

“Well that ends today. If you’re dating a boy right now, it’s up to you to be a woman and move on with your life.”

Adam LaDolce

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How Fathers Can Bond With Their Daughters

There are at least 2 reasons for dads to be deliberate and decisive about bonding with their daughters. Her relationship with you will: 1) Deeply affect her self-image and 2) Determine what kinds of boys & men are attractive to her. If you ignore and neglect her, she will come to believe that she is […]


Gandhi’s 7 Deadly Social Sins

There are some basic principles of life that we ignore to our own and to our family’s peril. For example, we aren’t required to LIKE the law of gravity, but not understanding and using the associated forces correctly can lead to different types of danger. Such is the case with things like Gandhi’s “Social Sins.” […]


If we wait to attempt the things that need to be done until we have all the questions answered, all the objections countered and all the variables mapped out, we will probably miss the opportunity to make a difference at all.

– Dr. Rick Janelle                   

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How to Help Your Son Deal with Female Rejection

Fortunately for me, I learned at a young age that not having your attention returned by girls hurt, but it wouldn’t kill you. In fact, as I later learned, sometimes the best “gift” was to NOT be saddled with her and her “issues!” Of course, even those times of “gifting” were painful and sometimes embarrassing. Female […]


What is Required for a Biblical Marriage?

As a Christian minister, young couples sometimes ask me, “What is Biblically required before a marriage is acceptable to God?” Sometimes this question arises after someone learns of a “crazy” wedding tradition somewhere in the world. Surbha Jalan recently wrote an article titled, “Top 10 Super Weird Wedding Ceremonies Around the World.” [Found at: http://listdose.com/top-10-super-weird-wedding-ceremonies-around-the-world/] […]


I have a message to both young and old who feel dismayed and fearful for the future. While we do not know what the future holds, we do know who holds the future. While we may doubt which direction we should take in life’s daily decisions, there is no doubt where we will wind up, if we are a faithful child of God. By knowing ahead of time the result of a faithful life, we have a hope and confidence to face life that others do not have.

Dr. Rick Janelle


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9 Reasons for Choosing Marriage Over Living Together

Recently, a young couple asked me, “Why should we get married? No one in either of our families has ever made a marriage work long-term, and it’s really easy to just move into the same apartment and call it good.” At the time I thought, “Now that’s an interesting question!” Today’s couples have a much […]


Helping Our Girls Find the Right Guys

While I personally don’t subscribe to the belief that fathers should select their future sons-in-law, I DO strongly believe that dads need to find good ways to help their daughters choose wisely whom to date. One of the ways I tried to do this with my own daughters was by using a “shopping” metaphor. I […]


Kids notice when parents don’t have a good relationship, and it worries them.  When they see you seriously work on the relationship, it reassures them.  And it seems to me that it sets the right example for them when they start to think about forming their own family units.

— Dr. Rick Janelle 

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