Things NOT to Say to Suffering People

Have you ever noticed that people sometimes say the most ridiculous things when they try to comfort or encourage others? I have made some huge mistakes in this area, and I’ve seen others make huge mistakes as well.  In fact, some of my worst transgressions have been with my wife and kids. I applaud people […]


It’s true that men and women share membership in the same species, with a long list of similarities. On the other hand, there is also a long list of differences between the sexes. Some of these differences can be attributed to “nature” – that is genetics, hormones, etc. Some can be rooted in “nurture” – that is family and social forces.

– Dr. Rick Janelle 

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The Power of Presence

Years ago, I worked as a Chaplain for a regional hospital in Mississippi. Many of the things I learned there helped me to become a better husband, father and minister. Let me share one of the more memorable sets of experiences I had. We were trained in all types of hospital situations, and I found […]


“Why Can’t I Find a Job?”

The relationship between young people and work has fascinated me for years. Why do some seem to be better able to survive and fend for themselves when they leave the nest of home? Why do others show such a spectacular display of “failure to launch syndrome?” I once had a friend who had owned several […]


“You DO NOT want to live with the regret that comes with watching your grown daughter walk away knowing that you should have done more to make her feel loved.”

Dr. Rick Janelle 

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“What? Make My Kids WORK?”

I believe that the doing of chores by our children is absolutely vital for their future well-being.  But that doesn’t mean that they all LIKE doing them. Some children start showing initiative while pretty young and are eager to do work for family members, friends and neighbors, no matter how tough the job or how […]


How to Drive Your Wife Crazy (in a Bad Way)

Living life with me has not been easy for my wife. Sometimes I’ve felt totally clueless about those captivating creatures called “women.” Sometimes I’ve been angry or stubborn and refused to participate in the daily give and take a marriage requires. But by far, the largest category of things that have driven Tammy crazy are […]

Woman holding head and screaming against blue background

“Keeping a marriage strong and functioning well requires time, effort, and sometimes, even money. One of the ways our children learn what is important to us is by seeing what we invest time and money in. Just as they need to be taught how to be productive citizens, they also need to see good examples of how to make a marriage work.”

– Dr. Rick Janelle 

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Dealing with Aggressive Girls

Things have changed a LOT in the world since I was a teenager. One of the biggest changes is the shift in the way girls approach and interact with guys. When I was a young teen, it was the boys who “pushed the envelope” with girls by seeing just how many liberties they could take […]


11 Things Good Moms Feel Guilty About

“I must be a horrible mom! Good moms aren’t like me.” As a minister, I have heard words like these many times. When I do, I try to calmly ask probing questions like, “Oh? Tell me more.” Or “Hmmm. Why is that?” It seems that lots of moms feel guilty about lots of things when […]