Attracted to Someone Who Isn’t Your Mate?

This can be a HUGE, silent minefield.

When your attention is caught, or your eyes start to wander, what should you do about it? Sometimes it’s someone on TV, in movies, or in a print/online magazine. Sometimes it’s a pornographic image or a character in a romance novel. Sometimes it’s a neighbor, a co-worker or simply someone seen in public. What to […]


How Much Should a Family Man Work?

Should you work more or spend more time at home?

How do you balance the need to pay your bills with the need to be an active player in the fabric of your family? I once knew a man who was an ethical, brilliant businessman. He provided a very nice lifestyle for his family by spending 60 – 80 hours a week in the office […]


10 Things You Can Do To Immediately Improve Your Marriage

by Trey Morgan

Read along and discover 10 things that can help improve your marriage. by Trey Morgan 1. SPEND MORE TIME TOGETHER. Make a commitment to spend more time together and make a weekly date night with your spouse a priority. This may take you sitting down together with your spouse and planning out your schedule. 2. BRAG […]


Are YOU Making This Number 1 Marriage Mistake?

There is an extremely costly mistake that many make with their marriages.  You may be doing it with out realizing it, and you may be doing it even if your marriage is relatively happy. Here are some key questions from Laura Lifshitz in her article titled,  “The 1 Marriage Mistake You Might Be Making.” [Found […]


Why Guys Don’t Call Our Daughters: 5 Reasons

I grew up hearing my sisters ask, “Why doesn’t he call?”  Sometimes my daughters would say, “He said he’d call, what’s taking him so long?” When I was dating, I can remember being asked by girls I knew/dated, “What is wrong with you guys?  Why won’t you call us?” We could discuss the shortcomings of […]


Don’t Be THIS Kind of Parent!

When I was a young father of 2, I had a great mentor and advisor by the name of Jim Naismith, who had already reared several kids into their late teens and twenties.  We would occasionally meet for lunch or casual discussions about life, religion, community service, and most often of all, parenting. Once when […]