“I Finally Found God”

By Les Ferguson, Jr.

Les Ferguson, Jr. and I studied together at Magnolia Bible College many years ago. He and his wife Karen were Godly parents, and he served as a local minister for a church in Gulfport, MS.  One of their children was a son who had serious physical disabilities. A church member who had volunteered to help […]


7 Womanly Traits That Are Better Than Beauty

Physical beauty fades, but these traits will endure for life

When I was a middle-aged teenager, my 2 primary considerations in who to ask out on a date were: 1) How pretty and well built was she? 2) How jealous would my buddies be if they saw me with her? Pretty pathetic, right? (Yes, it truly was.) After leaving high school, I started noticing a […]


What’s More Important Than “I Love You?”

As much as people long to hear those words, there are others that are even more valuable to hear.

I have a friend named Roy Jennings who is the epitome of being a “man’s man.” He’s a highly skilled Master Mechanic, a successful shop Service Manager, a gifted community college professor, a builder and racer of really fast and loud drag strip cars, and the absolute BEST guy to have at your back in […]


Are Our Children “Parasites?”

Do children bring joy or devastation to a marriage?

I once had a memorable visit with my wife’s doctor.   She was pregnant with our first baby, and we were sitting in his office with him after her exam. I remember hearing him talk about the importance of prenatal vitamins because, in his words, “The unborn baby will get what it needs, even if it […]


Back-To-School Prayer

The lack of prayer FOR schools should concern us more than the lack of prayer IN schools.

For almost 3 centuries, the regular and accepted practice in most American educational institutions was to begin the day with an orally recited prayer or a reading from the Bible. This reflected the general understanding that our culture, our history and our laws all had a basic foundation in the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Recent historical perspective […]


4 “Guidelines” to Break in Your Marriage

Breaking these “rules” could be really good for your marriage!

In my almost 4 decades of marriage, I’ve been given every kind of marriage advice you can imagine. Some of it has been incredibly wise and helpful. Some of it turned out to be absolute drivel! Here are 4 pieces of marriage advice I’ve gotten that I have learned NOT to follow: “Be yourself 100% […]


Christians and Tattoos – Right or Wrong?

How Should a Practicing Christian View Them?

Are tattoos the mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13:16, 17, or are they simply a matter of personal freedom and expression? When I grew up, the only people I knew who had tattoos were old retired sailors. The images they wore on their arms and chests were faded and smeared-looking. Most were indecipherable […]