6 Things Smart People Notice in the Opposite Sex

Does your son or daughter know what to look for in a potential boy/girl friend? Do they know what kind of person they have to be in order to attract the right kind of attention? Are YOU helping them to avoid future relationship train wrecks? ____________________ There are generally 2 pieces to the “relationship puzzle.” […]


Is Our Behavior Acceptable or Unacceptable?

4 Things That Are Only OK With Those Who Do Them

  Can our children/grandchildren’s actions unknowingly be reducing the number of friends/dates available to them? Are you doing things that automatically reduce your influence and effectiveness as a parent/grandparent among other parents/grandparents? Are we unconsciously repelling good people, causing them to dismiss or ignore us because of things we do? ____________________ Michael Hyatt, an online […]

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4 Ways Men Don’t Need Another “Mom”

It’s un-sexy, unattractive, and unhealthy.

There are few things more destructive to a marriage than for one partner to treat the other partner like a child. It’s un-sexy, unattractive, and unhealthy. Men need partners in life, not another “mom.” Everyone loses if the relationship deteriorates into more of a “mom/son” situation. With the woman trying to keep track of everything […]


5 Things NOT to Post About Kids Online

I’m amazed at the things I've seen parents and grandparents post.

Let’s face it. Some people post unwise and inappropriate things about kids online. Sometimes, it’s about their own kids. Sometimes, it’s about other people’s kids. Sometimes I worry about kids being reared by parents who have such little regard for how wide open and even dangerous a place the Internet can be. Even when “stranger […]


How to Filter Internet Content in Your Home

By Ben Janelle, Information Systems Director

One question I get asked a lot as a K-12 IT worker, is “How do I filter the Internet at home?” Computer savvy kids can find a way around most any block or filter put in place. So I believe it to be more important to educate, monitor, and have open dialogue with kids about […]


“The Survey Says . . .”

Some suggestions we recently received from readers

Doesn’t it irritate you when you take the time to answer a request for information and then you never hear how your thoughts compare with others who also answered? Well, I may find lots of other ways to irritate you, but that won’t be one of them! Here’s the text of an email question I […]