Increasing Our Endurance

3 basic ways to give members of your family a backbone and staying power

Increasing our endurance is a key to having a long, productive life. The ability to make yourself do what you DON’T want to do (and to do it well) is vitally important. Without grit, fortitude and determination, success in the major endeavors of life can be overwhelmingly tough to obtain. In my early 20’s, I […]


Partners in Life

There are few things more destructive to a marriage than for one partner to treat the other partner like a child. It’s un-sexy, unattractive, and unhealthy to not be partners in life. Men need partners in life, not another “mom.” Everyone loses if the relationship deteriorates into more of a “mom/son” situation. With the woman […]


Kids, Money and Work

Guiding your children in the choices they make with money and work is HUGE!

For some reason, many parents feel uncomfortable teaching their kids about sex, money and work. (We’ll reserve the “sex talk” topic for another time.) Successful parenting doesn’t just provide food, clothing, and shelter for kids. Parents are also responsible for teaching their kids about how to live their own lives successfully in the real world. […]


7 Things Successful Parents Do

It’s good occasionally to re-think about our parental roles

Studying the actions of successful parents is very badly needed, while at the same time, often ignored and taken for granted. Some people are confident that they will be good parents if they simply “do what comes naturally.” Others fear that their best will never be good enough. It’s my view that being a father […]


Things to Consider When Postponing Having Children

No matter what age you have a child, there are advantages and disadvantages

Many women today are postponing having children until later in life. They are either ignoring the ticking of their “Biological Clocks,” or they are counting on medical technology to “solve” the issue and associated problems for them. According to doctors and researchers, there isn’t one “right” time to start a family. No matter what age […]


8 Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Preventing a problem before it IS a problem is important.

Why should you be interested in affair-proofing your marriage? To me, that’s like asking, “Why should I child-proof my medicine or cleaner cabinet?” Preventing a problem before it even IS a problem just seems wise to me. ____________________ One of the visible cultural shifts in our world today lies in the views of and expectations […]


7 Ways to Prove You Love Your Spouse

We need to “walk the walk” as much as we need to “talk the talk.”

Talk is cheap. In order to prove our love for a spouse, we need to “walk the walk” as much as we need to “talk the talk.” Whether you are just starting your marriage journey, or have been at it for several years now, the love we show, or the lack of it, begins in […]