7 Ways to Prove You Love Your Spouse

We need to “walk the walk” as much as we need to “talk the talk.”

Talk is cheap. In order to prove our love for a spouse, we need to “walk the walk” as much as we need to “talk the talk.”


Whether you are just starting your marriage journey, or have been at it for several years now, the love we show, or the lack of it, begins in the mind. Life-long love for a mate begins with the thoughts in our heads – the inner talk or dialogue we have with ourselves.

Yes, I admit that I talk to myself. (And times, I even answer myself!) In fact, I have found that my outer actions in life usually mimic and mirror my inner thoughts.


So, if you truly want to prove that you love your spouse, here are 7 “thoughts, or “affirmations” that I recommend that you habitually say/think to yourself:

  1. “I will never to cheat on them.”

“Even when I’m angry or upset, I still love them more than life itself. I WILL NOT allow situations that jeopardize our relationship. I will give them my heart, mind, and body. I will prove my love by not sharing the secret, inner me with another. I will reserve my lips and my body to play with their lips and body, and nobody else’s.”

  1. “I will not to be jealous or controlling.”

“Even though I can be an insensitive jerk, I promise to not be one with my mate. I will give them trust and space to be who and what they really are. I will give them the freedom to ‘have a life,’ without me calling all the shots.”

  1. “I will NEVER get physically pushy with them.”

“Of all the things in my life, my spouse is the one thing I simply cannot live without. Not only will I never strike them, I will never even get “handsy” in anger. I promise to find better ways of dealing with my rage and frustration.”

  1. “I will put them first.”

“Among the vows I made when I got married was to put my mate above all others. But the truth is, sometimes I don’t.  I promise to do my best to follow through on that promise. I will put their needs above my own. I will give them first place in my heart and life.”

  1. “I will remember that I’m the problem.”

“When I have problems with my mate, the real, root problem is with and inside of me. Deep down I know this is true, but I sometimes make it seem like they are the problem. I promise to not make a big deal about things that don’t really matter. I’ll work through my issues and not blame them on those who love me most. “

  1. “I will communicate.”

“I promise to let them in and to get their opinions. I will give their perspective first place in my thoughts. No matter how tired or angry I get, I promise not to go to sleep if I haven’t communicated adequately with them.”

  1. “I will choose to love them every day.”

“I will remember that true love is a ‘decision,’ not a ‘feeling.’ I will remember that feelings come and go, and that living things breathe in and out. Even when things feel distant between us, I will wake up every day and hold fast to the promises I have made.”


No one can be the perfect husband or wife every day. In fact, we’re probably doing pretty well if we can just get it right occasionally.

But we don’t stay with someone else “for richer or poorer, in sickness or health, as long as we both shall live” based on that other person’s performance in life.  We do so from an inner conviction, and maybe even a bit of useful stubbornness.

Long-lasting marriages are not built on “cheap talk.” They are the result of daily proving that we love them by “walking the walk.”

Being able to do that successfully over time requires that we remind ourselves of these 7 things daily. Hopefully these affirmations can help order healthy, positive thoughts for you!


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