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Dr. Rick Janelle -- Clean Shaven

Here I am with my summertime “no beard” look.


I am a Christian minister who speaks, writes and coaches others.

I help parents learn the mind-sets and skills they need so that they can help their children become well-adjusted, productive adults.

I do this by applying Biblical truths to modern life, especially in the realm of the local community and the family.

My full-time “day job” is serving as the lead teaching minister for the Shillington Church of Christ in Reading, PA.

Dr. Rick Janelle -- Bearded

Here I am with my wintertime bearded look. I like it, but Tammy’s not such a big fan.


  • Almost 4 decades of marriage.  (Yes, to the same woman!)
  • 4 well-balanced, productive, grown children.  (No, I didn’t warp them TOO badly.)
  • 3 incredibly great in-law kids.  (Yes, they really chose to join our merry band!)
  • 3 absolutely perfect grandchildren.  (No, don’t listen to what their parents say.)
  • 4 college degrees + an ESL adult teaching certificate from Cambridge.  (Yes,  THAT University of Cambridge.)
  • Almost 30 years of professional church ministry.  (No, people who know me better than you can’t believe it either.)
  • Thousands of readers and students on multiple continents around the globe.  (Yes, some of them needed translators to understand me.)


RJ and TJ Winterfest 2011

Tammy is still my favorite person in the whole world. There is literally NO ONE I’d rather spend time with or take for a ride in the Miata.


The next 3 pictures answer those questions.  I want to help younger couples and parents as they work on the “front lines” with the next generation of people.

Grandkids 2

Here are my 3 grandchildren. We enjoy them so much, we wonder why we didn’t have them first!


2014 Family Xmas 1

Here’s my extended family as it exists today. I’m very proud of all the members of my little tribe. Unlike some families, we REALLY have fun when we get together!


Family -- HS Graduation

Tammy & I are standing with my mother who lives with us and with our Chinese exchange student at his graduation from High School. We love and are proud of him too!


So, will you join our extended “tribe” as we attempt to make the world a better place for the NEXT generation of children and grandchildren?

You can help our ministry in several ways:

1) PLEASE pray for me personally, for my safety and integrity, and that God will bless my teaching.

2) Subscribe to my email list with the form on my main blog page.  (Never miss another blog post again, and get free “extras” from time to time.)

3) Reprint or forward anything I produce to anyone, anytime you think others could be helped by what I do.  (Just don’t claim to be the author.)

4) Post notes or updates to whatever social media sites you use with links to my blog posts.  (Facebook is our leading source of web traffic right now.  Clicking “Like” and asking your “Friends” to do so can boost our rankings within their system.)

5) Add links to my blog site (www.rickjanelle.com) to any website you have access to.  (This helps our Google rankings when people search for topics like ours.)

5) Let me know of any typos or other mistakes you find in what we do.

6) Consider serving as a self-appointed “test learner,” where you give me feedback on what I teach:

  • Did you or someone else find something to be helpful?
  • Do I need to explain something further, or to dive more deeply into a particular topic?
  • Was there anything that was not clear or not communicated very well?

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. We have known Rick and his sweet, Christian family since the early 90’s. My husband Ken flew out to Corpus Christi TX to help them move to Caledonia MS in 1991. He would serve as our Pulpit Minister from 1991 to 1997 at the Caledonia Church of Christ. Bro. Rick helped us finally have Elders to lead our congregation after having some 12-plus years of men’s business meetings. My husband was then asked to serve as a Deacon. During his ministry at Caledonia, Rick created a Mississippi publication called The Community Messenger (that was mailed to every mailbox in our area, plus over 30 congregations used it in a similar way). Also, during this time, Rick was instrumental in our getting on the World Wide Web, which GREATLY increased the spread of God’s Word…all from a small town in northeast Mississippi. He didn’t stop there; he also contributed to many national publications…being the smart man he is! He volunteered at the Baptist Memorial Hospital (a regional hospital) to be a Volunteer Chaplain. He served as Moderator to Sunnybrook Children’s Home in Jackson MS for the Golden Triangle Support Group. He served on the Board of Directors for Caledonia’s Education Foundation. After moving into the minister’s house, Rick took it upon himself to personally remodel and upgrade the residence…all on his own (yes, he is VERY smart in construction as well). He is the epitome of a Christian man and serves his Lord in all aspects of missionary work (yes, to the point of being physically attacked on one of those missionary journeys)! Our congregation has followed Rick and his family mainly by Christmas letters sent by his wife Tammy. We have been amazed at how much one family can pack into one short year…unbelievable! You will always see a smile on each one of their faces, showing they love the Lord. Besides all this, they all have a sense of humor and everyone loves being around them! Please enjoy Rick and his wonderful speaking voice and articles every chance you get…we will, most certainly! Congratulations on a great blog, Rick. We pray God’s richest blessings on you and your family always.

    • Wow Brenda! Thanks for the support and the trip down Memory Lane.
      You and Ken have always had a special place in our hearts. Thanks again for all the kind words.