Mistakes to Avoid This Holiday Season

If you did, would your New Year be less stressful?

What are 6 common mistakes to avoid this holiday season? Could your New Year perhaps be less stressful? Years ago, as young parents we often found ourselves overly-stressed during the holiday season. Most months of the year, we were barely able to pay our bills and feed our kids. The arrival of the holiday season’s […]


Don’t Give Up on Your Marriage Yet!

Here are some things to consider before ending things

There have been a couple of times during my 38 years of marriage when trusted advisors said to me, “Don’t give up on your marriage yet! The best is yet to be, unless you give up and walk away.” Of course, in each of these cases, those who were advising me knew me well, and […]


8 Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Preventing a problem before it IS a problem is important.

Why should you be interested in affair-proofing your marriage? To me, that’s like asking, “Why should I child-proof my medicine or cleaner cabinet?” Preventing a problem before it even IS a problem just seems wise to me. ____________________ One of the visible cultural shifts in our world today lies in the views of and expectations […]


7 Womanly Traits That Are Better Than Beauty

Physical beauty fades, but these traits will endure for life

When I was a middle-aged teenager, my 2 primary considerations in who to ask out on a date were: 1) How pretty and well built was she? 2) How jealous would my buddies be if they saw me with her? Pretty pathetic, right? (Yes, it truly was.) After leaving high school, I started noticing a […]


Falling In Love With Your Spouse

What would it feel like to fall in love with your spouse again? What would it be worth to have those feelings of the early days of your marriage? Would your life be any different if you could recapture the way you used to feel about and look at each other? I have found that […]


How Much Should a Family Man Work?

Should you work more or spend more time at home?

How do you balance the need to pay your bills with the need to be an active player in the fabric of your family? I once knew a man who was an ethical, brilliant businessman. He provided a very nice lifestyle for his family by spending 60 – 80 hours a week in the office […]


Are YOU Making This Number 1 Marriage Mistake?

There is an extremely costly mistake that many make with their marriages.  You may be doing it with out realizing it, and you may be doing it even if your marriage is relatively happy. Here are some key questions from Laura Lifshitz in her article titled,  “The 1 Marriage Mistake You Might Be Making.” [Found […]


Jerk or Nice Guy: Which do Women Really Want?

What is with this almost psychotic component of so many girls and women I’ve known? Why are so many attracted to “bad guys” while rebuffing the “good guys” that are available to them? It seems to me that women are often drawn to jerks and “bad boys” the way a moth is drawn towards a […]


11 Things Happy Couples Never Do

By Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin

Could happiness really be about good habits? Happiness in a relationship takes much more than luck. It takes a conscious daily effort to put healthy relationship habits into practice. Sounds simple, but that alone is very important marriage counseling advice. If we had to make some generalizations about habits we see happier couples using, it would be the following 11 […]