Don’t Give Up on Your Marriage Yet!

Here are some things to consider before ending things

There have been a couple of times during my 38 years of marriage when trusted advisors said to me, “Don’t give up on your marriage yet! The best is yet to be, unless you give up and walk away.” Of course, in each of these cases, those who were advising me knew me well, and […]


Increasing Our Endurance

3 basic ways to give members of your family a backbone and staying power

Increasing our endurance is a key to having a long, productive life. The ability to make yourself do what you DON’T want to do (and to do it well) is vitally important. Without grit, fortitude and determination, success in the major endeavors of life can be overwhelmingly tough to obtain. In my early 20’s, I […]


“I Finally Found God”

By Les Ferguson, Jr.

Les Ferguson, Jr. and I studied together at Magnolia Bible College many years ago. He and his wife Karen were Godly parents, and he served as a local minister for a church in Gulfport, MS.  One of their children was a son who had serious physical disabilities. A church member who had volunteered to help […]


Are Our Children “Parasites?”

Do children bring joy or devastation to a marriage?

I once had a memorable visit with my wife’s doctor.   She was pregnant with our first baby, and we were sitting in his office with him after her exam. I remember hearing him talk about the importance of prenatal vitamins because, in his words, “The unborn baby will get what it needs, even if it […]


Falling In Love With Your Spouse

What would it feel like to fall in love with your spouse again? What would it be worth to have those feelings of the early days of your marriage? Would your life be any different if you could recapture the way you used to feel about and look at each other? I have found that […]


What if One of My Children (or Grandchildren) is Gay?

When talking with people about the recent US Supreme Court ruling regarding gay marriage, I have found a range of emotions and responses. Some people are angry, while some seem to be numb. Others seem resigned to agree with whatever our government decrees. How should I respond if someone close to me is personally involved […]


Things NOT to Say to Suffering People

Have you ever noticed that people sometimes say the most ridiculous things when they try to comfort or encourage others? I have made some huge mistakes in this area, and I’ve seen others make huge mistakes as well.  In fact, some of my worst transgressions have been with my wife and kids. I applaud people […]


The Power of Presence

Years ago, I worked as a Chaplain for a regional hospital in Mississippi. Many of the things I learned there helped me to become a better husband, father and minister. Let me share one of the more memorable sets of experiences I had. We were trained in all types of hospital situations, and I found […]


“Why Can’t I Find a Job?”

The relationship between young people and work has fascinated me for years. Why do some seem to be better able to survive and fend for themselves when they leave the nest of home? Why do others show such a spectacular display of “failure to launch syndrome?” I once had a friend who had owned several […]