Back-To-School Prayer

The lack of prayer FOR schools should concern us more than the lack of prayer IN schools.

For almost 3 centuries, the regular and accepted practice in most American educational institutions was to begin the day with an orally recited prayer or a reading from the Bible. This reflected the general understanding that our culture, our history and our laws all had a basic foundation in the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Recent historical perspective […]


God Our Father

By Dr. Ray Pasuer

Note:  I learned more from Dr. Ray Paseur about Bible study than I did from any other professor, graduate school included.  If those of us who are fathers want to be successful, we would do well to learn about “fatherhood” from our Heavenly Father.  (RJ) God’s Fatherhood Ray Paseur One of the most comforting and […]


Gandhi’s 7 Deadly Social Sins

There are some basic principles of life that we ignore to our own and to our family’s peril. For example, we aren’t required to LIKE the law of gravity, but not understanding and using the associated forces correctly can lead to different types of danger. Such is the case with things like Gandhi’s “Social Sins.” […]


When God Created Fathers

By Erma Bombeck

When the good Lord was creating fathers, He started with a tall frame. An angel nearby said, “What kind of father is that? If you’re going to make children so close to the ground, why have you put fathers up so high? He won’t be able to shoot marbles without kneeling, tuck a child in […]