Christians and Tattoos – Right or Wrong?

How Should a Practicing Christian View Them?

Are tattoos the mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13:16, 17, or are they simply a matter of personal freedom and expression? When I grew up, the only people I knew who had tattoos were old retired sailors. The images they wore on their arms and chests were faded and smeared-looking. Most were indecipherable […]


What if One of My Children (or Grandchildren) is Gay?

When talking with people about the recent US Supreme Court ruling regarding gay marriage, I have found a range of emotions and responses. Some people are angry, while some seem to be numb. Others seem resigned to agree with whatever our government decrees. How should I respond if someone close to me is personally involved […]


11 Things Good Moms Feel Guilty About

“I must be a horrible mom! Good moms aren’t like me.” As a minister, I have heard words like these many times. When I do, I try to calmly ask probing questions like, “Oh? Tell me more.” Or “Hmmm. Why is that?” It seems that lots of moms feel guilty about lots of things when […]