Is Our Behavior Acceptable or Unacceptable?

4 Things That Are Only OK With Those Who Do Them

  Can our children/grandchildren’s actions unknowingly be reducing the number of friends/dates available to them? Are you doing things that automatically reduce your influence and effectiveness as a parent/grandparent among other parents/grandparents? Are we unconsciously repelling good people, causing them to dismiss or ignore us because of things we do? ____________________ Michael Hyatt, an online […]

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Christians and Tattoos – Right or Wrong?

How Should a Practicing Christian View Them?

Are tattoos the mark of the beast mentioned in Revelation 13:16, 17, or are they simply a matter of personal freedom and expression? When I grew up, the only people I knew who had tattoos were old retired sailors. The images they wore on their arms and chests were faded and smeared-looking. Most were indecipherable […]


Are YOU Making This Number 1 Marriage Mistake?

There is an extremely costly mistake that many make with their marriages.  You may be doing it with out realizing it, and you may be doing it even if your marriage is relatively happy. Here are some key questions from Laura Lifshitz in her article titled,  “The 1 Marriage Mistake You Might Be Making.” [Found […]


How Are You Punctuating Your Life?

By F. W. Emmons, 1873

As you read these two paragraphs, please note that each one is exactly the same, word for word, yet note the differences in meaning caused by the differences in punctuation.  Much in our lives depends on where we put the emphasis or punctuation. (RJ) The Good Man He is an old and experienced man. In […]


How Easy Is It To Like You?

Oscar Wilde once said regarding Bernard Shaw, “He hasn’t an enemy in the world, and none of his friends like him, either.” Does this describe anyone you know? It is simply human nature to want to be liked by others, yet we all know many people who are simply not very “likable”. The Bible gives […]


Ghosts in My Office

Whenever I prepare sermons, I feel haunted by five Ghosts. None of them are real, but it seems that each one tries to affect the outcome of my preparations. Ghost Number 1 Ghost number one whispers, while hovering over my shoulder, “I represent the listener from a big, prosperous metropolitan church. We could be looking […]