4 Things Your Marriage Needs

Good mentors can mean the difference between success and failure.

When Tammy and I first married, we quickly found that there were at least 4 things your marriage needs. We both knew that we would need outside help to have the marriage that we hoped for. Our birth families were good to and for us, but we wanted our marriage to be more and deeper […]

Our Bizarre, Baffling Bible

“Yes, Virginia, the Bible has some really strange things in it!”

I forget how bizarre and baffling our Bible can be.  I was reared in a church going, Christian home, and I have heard odd stories from the Bible my entire life. From infancy, I have been accustomed to fanciful stories like the Garden of Eden, Jonah’s ride in the belly of a huge fish, even […]

How to Have More Meaningful Holiday Conversations

Improve the Time Together with Thoughtful Questions

Having meaningful holiday conversations can be one of the more stressful things about holiday gatherings. Whether the event is an office party, a neighborhood celebration, or a family meal, for many, the crucial question is, “What do we talk about?” Years ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would be a person who […]


Mr. Right

There are some things that might surprise you about the right kind of man, and what they are really like. We live in a world where it seems that people feel the need to categorize others into well-established mental “boxes.” But the truth is that the men you know don’t always fit into the “Man […]


Increasing Our Endurance

3 basic ways to give members of your family a backbone and staying power

Increasing our endurance is a key to having a long, productive life. The ability to make yourself do what you DON’T want to do (and to do it well) is vitally important. Without grit, fortitude and determination, success in the major endeavors of life can be overwhelmingly tough to obtain. In my early 20’s, I […]


Kids, Money and Work

Guiding your children in the choices they make with money and work is HUGE!

For some reason, many parents feel uncomfortable teaching their kids about sex, money and work. (We’ll reserve the “sex talk” topic for another time.) Successful parenting doesn’t just provide food, clothing, and shelter for kids. Parents are also responsible for teaching their kids about how to live their own lives successfully in the real world. […]


Helpless Kids Hurt Society

Helpless babies need to transition into helpful adults.

Helpless babies are an expected thing. Temporary helplessness in growing children is a normal part of the developmental process. But at some point, helpless babies need to transition into helpful adults. The lack of competency in basic life skills is a BIG threat to our children’s future success in life. There is a huge nationwide […]


Is Our Behavior Acceptable or Unacceptable?

4 Things That Are Only OK With Those Who Do Them

  Can our children/grandchildren’s actions unknowingly be reducing the number of friends/dates available to them? Are you doing things that automatically reduce your influence and effectiveness as a parent/grandparent among other parents/grandparents? Are we unconsciously repelling good people, causing them to dismiss or ignore us because of things we do? ____________________ Michael Hyatt, an online […]

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7 Womanly Traits That Are Better Than Beauty

Physical beauty fades, but these traits will endure for life

When I was a middle-aged teenager, my 2 primary considerations in who to ask out on a date were: 1) How pretty and well built was she? 2) How jealous would my buddies be if they saw me with her? Pretty pathetic, right? (Yes, it truly was.) After leaving high school, I started noticing a […]


What’s More Important Than “I Love You?”

As much as people long to hear those words, there are others that are even more valuable to hear.

I have a friend named Roy Jennings who is the epitome of being a “man’s man.” He’s a highly skilled Master Mechanic, a successful shop Service Manager, a gifted community college professor, a builder and racer of really fast and loud drag strip cars, and the absolute BEST guy to have at your back in […]