7 Womanly Traits That Are Better Than Beauty

Physical beauty fades, but these traits will endure for life

When I was a middle-aged teenager, my 2 primary considerations in who to ask out on a date were: 1) How pretty and well built was she? 2) How jealous would my buddies be if they saw me with her? Pretty pathetic, right? (Yes, it truly was.) After leaving high school, I started noticing a […]


What’s More Important Than “I Love You?”

As much as people long to hear those words, there are others that are even more valuable to hear.

I have a friend named Roy Jennings who is the epitome of being a “man’s man.” He’s a highly skilled Master Mechanic, a successful shop Service Manager, a gifted community college professor, a builder and racer of really fast and loud drag strip cars, and the absolute BEST guy to have at your back in […]