8 Ways to Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Preventing a problem before it IS a problem is important.

Why should you be interested in affair-proofing your marriage? To me, that’s like asking, “Why should I child-proof my medicine or cleaner cabinet?” Preventing a problem before it even IS a problem just seems wise to me. ____________________ One of the visible cultural shifts in our world today lies in the views of and expectations […]


What if One of My Children (or Grandchildren) is Gay?

When talking with people about the recent US Supreme Court ruling regarding gay marriage, I have found a range of emotions and responses. Some people are angry, while some seem to be numb. Others seem resigned to agree with whatever our government decrees. How should I respond if someone close to me is personally involved […]


Dealing with Aggressive Girls

Things have changed a LOT in the world since I was a teenager. One of the biggest changes is the shift in the way girls approach and interact with guys. When I was a young teen, it was the boys who “pushed the envelope” with girls by seeing just how many liberties they could take […]


Are You Killing Your Own Sex Life?

When I was first married, my “adopted grandmother” Mimi once told me, “Sex is like glue and oil. It binds you together tightly, and helps you to glide more smoothly over the rough parts of life.” I have found her words to be true in my own life and marriage. For many new parents, the […]