4 Ways to Help Your Kids’ Dad to Be a Better Dad

Do you help your kids’ dad to be a better dad? Or do you unintentionally (or intentionally???) leave him out of the equation? Lots of research shows how vitally important a father’s role is in the life of children. Kids with strong, engaged fathers are helped socially, emotionally, academically, physically and more. By helping your […]


Are YOU the Silent, Emotionally Distant Couple in the Room?

You didn’t just run out of things to say!

Have you ever been out in public and noticed a silent, emotionally distant couple? Their eyes focused on any and everything but each other They have no ongoing discussion They have dead-looking eyes There is obviously little if any “life” in their relationship Watching them makes you wonder: Do they act like this in the […]


Kids, Money and Work

Guiding your children in the choices they make with money and work is HUGE!

For some reason, many parents feel uncomfortable teaching their kids about sex, money and work. (We’ll reserve the “sex talk” topic for another time.) Successful parenting doesn’t just provide food, clothing, and shelter for kids. Parents are also responsible for teaching their kids about how to live their own lives successfully in the real world. […]


7 Things Successful Parents Do

It’s good occasionally to re-think about our parental roles

Studying the actions of successful parents is very badly needed, while at the same time, often ignored and taken for granted. Some people are confident that they will be good parents if they simply “do what comes naturally.” Others fear that their best will never be good enough. It’s my view that being a father […]


6 Ways to Make a Man FEEL like a Man

In a world where gender issues and confusion reigns, women need to know this!

In a world where gender issues and confusion reigns, women need to know how to make the men in their lives FEEL like a man. Why? If he loses his way in the path of manhood: He might stray too far into the false world of the overly “macho” man. He might stray to far […]


4 Ways Men Don’t Need Another “Mom”

It’s un-sexy, unattractive, and unhealthy.

There are few things more destructive to a marriage than for one partner to treat the other partner like a child. It’s un-sexy, unattractive, and unhealthy. Men need partners in life, not another “mom.” Everyone loses if the relationship deteriorates into more of a “mom/son” situation. With the woman trying to keep track of everything […]


Falling In Love With Your Spouse

What would it feel like to fall in love with your spouse again? What would it be worth to have those feelings of the early days of your marriage? Would your life be any different if you could recapture the way you used to feel about and look at each other? I have found that […]


Attracted to Someone Who Isn’t Your Mate?

This can be a HUGE, silent minefield.

When your attention is caught, or your eyes start to wander, what should you do about it? Sometimes it’s someone on TV, in movies, or in a print/online magazine. Sometimes it’s a pornographic image or a character in a romance novel. Sometimes it’s a neighbor, a co-worker or simply someone seen in public. What to […]


Helping Our Girls Find the Right Guys

While I personally don’t subscribe to the belief that fathers should select their future sons-in-law, I DO strongly believe that dads need to find good ways to help their daughters choose wisely whom to date. One of the ways I tried to do this with my own daughters was by using a “shopping” metaphor. I […]


5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Marriage

One of the things I learned early in marriage was the importance of “little things.” I noticed that we seldom argued over major issues like buying food or paying the rent. The things that tripped us up most often were relatively unimportant questions like, “Why did you leave the cap off of the toothpaste?” and […]